Robert Zubkowicz



Full time studies 1994-1999 at the Gardening Faculty, Department of Landscape Architecture of Warsaw Agricultural University Master’s examination, Master’s thesis on "Principles of organisation exhibition areas for selected animal species of animals" in October 2001. Master thesis tutor: PhD Andrzej Niemirski;


1994 -2000 Summer apprenticeship in private companies designing green areas in Poland, Germany, Switzerland, Norway and Ireland;


1996 First prize received from the dean of Gardening Faculty of Warsaw Agricultural University awarded in the competition for designing faculty logo


1996 - 1998 Botanic Garden in Powsin – tour guide;


Since 1998 Project and design business (self-employment); Designing projects and implementing numerous gardens in Warsaw and neighbouring locations e.g.:


  • 1998 project and implementation of plants inside SMG/KRC office building, address: Nowoursynowska 154a, Warsaw

  • 1998 – 2008 designing gardens in private detached houses in Konstancin, Bielany, Ursynów, Wawer, Lipowo, Piaseczno, Sulejówek, Międzylesie, Zalesie Górne, Kampinos,

  • 2001 Development plan of an housing estate in Józefów, Piaseczna street

  • 2003 Conceptual design of Imielin Park

  • 2005 Development plan of “Zygmunta” housing estate in Otwock

  • 2007 conceptual design of development of Rexroth Bosch factory area, Warsaw


2000 - 2008 “Zachęta” National Gallery of Art – cooperation in executing above 40‑th exhibitions; (executing of architecture exhibition in polish pavilion on the Biennale in Venice “Out of There” – award Gold Lion)


2001 Course: „Installation of automatic irrigation systems”;


2002 Extramural engineer’s studies at the Faculty of Animal Sciences;


2002 – 2004 Extramural master’s complementary studies at the Faculty of Animal Sciences (certificate of completion);


Since 2002 conducting courses at the Faculty of Landscape Architecture in landscape construction and maintenance: Materials science, Materials science 2 – technical project, Terrain shaping (Ground works), Outdoor practice.


2003 - 2008 PhD studies at the Faculty of Landscape Architecture


2006 – Post-graduate studies in improving teaching skills (pedagogical)


Since 2009 Municipal Zoological Garden in Warsaw; post: consultant, designer


2009 February – PhD thesis on "Principles of organisation an exhibition area for hippopotamus amphibious in zoological gardens”. PhD thesis tutor: Associate Professor (DSc) Marek Kosmala;